About Me

Well here you are. Obviously you have come here to learn more about me, so let's start with the basics.
I am 36 years old, married, and the father of two wonderful children, a boy and a girl. I was born in a small town in Southwest New York. Moved to South Florida when I was 9 and to South Georgia at age 17, where I am still currently living.

My interests are varied. I enjoy shooting pool, collecting knives, watching and performing close-up magic, writing poetry, drawing on occasion, and learning new things. I am a very open-minded person as most of my poetry shows and I judge people by their actions not their appearance.

As mentioned on the main page, I am also the creator of the original "Mystic Tavern" in Lycos chat. The reason I created the room is a long story, if you would like to know, keep reading, other wise scroll to the next paragraph. When I first ventured into chat, I noticed that most people in the chat rooms were more or less ignored unless you were a regular or belonged to a certain "clique" online. After visiting several chat rooms and chat formats, and seeing that how even after you came in and addressed the room, that no one would talk to you, I decided to create a room myself that was open for anyone to come into, and when they did I would greet them and make them feel welcome, whether I knew them or not. After all, how else do you get to know someone unless you talk to them, right. To view what I personally think about chat rooms, please read the poem, "A Thought About Chat", which can be found on my poetry page.

As for a proffession, I was a departmental supervisor for a manufacturing company. A company that I had been with for 18 years. Downsizing changed that though, so now I am heading up the expansion of a ten year old company into the South Georgia, North Florida areas. We are also expanding nationally and internationally. To learn more about my business visit my links page or click on one of the "Work at Home" banners on any of web site pages. I am a high school drop-out, but did get my GED. I highly recommend anyone that has left school for whatever reason, it is a good idea to go and try taking the GED. If nothing else, you have shown to yourself that you have completed something, in this case, high school.

Well, for now, I guess that is it. If there is anything you would like to know or see added, please feel free to contact me.

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This page was last updated on September 14, 2003