Dueling Poets

Once upon a midnight dreary, as I lay here weak and weary,
my mind had pondered a curious thought, such a thought like none before.
While I pondered, nearly nappin', wondering if it had a happen',
on my p.c. started tappin', tappin' like, never before.
Typing faster than ever before.

I had thought and even wondered, had these poets ever pondered,
sat together and had conjured, such a poem like none before.

Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham", known widely throughout the land,
highly respected was this man, since we were children, this we've known.
Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven", a wonderful work, well worth savin',
from his style I have taken, and from which this poem has grown.

Now Poe we know, yes Poe we know.
Seuss is not like Poe you know.
Seuss would you like to work with Poe?

"I do not like him, that Poe you know."
"I do not like him, no, no, no."

Would you like to just compare?

"I would not like to just compare!"
"I would not even on a dare."
"I do not like that Poe you know"
"I do not like him, no, no, no."

Could you maybe just share a verse?
Could you do it and not curse?

"I would not even just share a verse."
"I could not do it and not curse."
"I would not like to just compare,"
"I would not even on a dare."
"I do not like that Poe you know."
"I do not like him, no, no, no."

"What is this I've been hearing, all that scorning, not once cheering,
boldly stating, even leering, saying he will not work with Poe?
Just what is it Seuss is saying, neither work or even playing,
maybe thinking he is even, better don't you know.
What's he saying? Is he joking? What's these words that he has spoken?
A rage within, he's awoken, a rage like none I've felt before.
An awoken rage like none before?
Tis just a poem and nothing more."

"Just a poem?, Yes just a poem."
"I will help with such a poem"
"I shall help create some verse,"
"I shall help, for better or worse."
"I will work with Poe you know."
"I will do it, let's go, go, go!"

"Do it now without no pleading, does his help, he thinks I'm needing,
to make this poem that you are reading, I don't think I want to now."

"Poe said no?, Oh No not Poe!"
"What's his problem, I want to know"
"What's this now, what's his excuse?"
"What's he got against the Seuss?"

"What's this now that he is trying?, Changed his views?,
I think he's lying, and his lies I'm sure not buying,
I think his views are like before."

"I can not, will not, take no more!"

Quotes the Raven "Nevermore".

Settle down now both of you, with all this bickering, I am through,
not one more verse, will I do, I'm finished now forever more.

Now both these poets I adore, and their forgiveness I implore,
I promise not to try no more, to quote the "Raven"

(c)1999 Jonathan Butts

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