Just A Thought About Chat

I got upon the Internet,
and found a million things to see.
Then I found a thing called chat,
now there is where I'd be.
I met some folks from different places,
all around the globe.
I learned of phrases, and beliefs,
and things I didn't know.
Now there are those who go to chat,
and like to play their games.
They do such things they wouldn't do,
and then they change their names.
Now this is fine, I understand,
it's just a fantasy,
but I go to chat and look around,
and see what it can be.
For we have met those we call friends,
and want them in our lives.
We don't care what clothes they wear
or the cars they drive.
We don't care the color of skin
be it black, white, red, or green.
We don't care how much you weigh,
we like you sight unseen.
This is how it should be,
on and off the net.
Unfortunately there are those
who haven't gotten it yet.
Now perhaps I am a dreamer,
perhaps it isn't true,
but I see a chance to change the world,
and I hope you see it to.

(c) Jonathan Butts

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