'Twas a week before Christmas, and all over town,
people were rushing, and scurrying around.
Trying to remember every name on their list,
searching around for that last minute gift.
The trees were all trimmed, awaiting presents galore,
while people were fighting over toys in the store.
Strings of lights adorn houses, on each and every street,
what used to be to spread good cheer, is now done to compete.
Christmas is a birthday, or at least it used to be,
back before the house lights, and the Christmas trees.
Back before the Elmos, and the Furbys caused a fuss,
causing people to run around, and to kick, and fight, and cuss.
Should you honor Christ's birthday, as it comes around each year,
by griping about the holidays, instead of spreading cheer?
Why would you ask for presents, if the birthday isn't yours?
You should offer Christ a gift, and you won't find it in stores.
Give the gift of kindness, it's the greatest gift of all,
and it's not just for Christmas, could be Easter, Spring, or Fall.
It's said "That it is better to give than to receive",
now you need to ask yourself, is that something that you believe?

(c) Jonathan Butts
December 18, 1999

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