Forever Changed

Throughout our history, with all the troubles we've had,
we have embraced the good, and endured the bad.
We rejoiced when times were happy, and shed tears when they were sad.
As our nation was forever changed.

The people of the New World sent their King a plea.
Just one basic statement," We want to be Free!".
Willing to die for that Freedom is how our nation came to be.
And goverments were forever changed.

The war between the states, was a war like no other.
Pitting Father against son, brother against brother.
The war that split a nation, will be remembered forever.
As our country was forever changed.

"I have a dream!", a great man once said,
of unity and peace, and where racism's dead.
He was murdered by hatred for the cause that he led.
And a people were forever changed.

A terrorist attack upon our own shore.
A cowardly act, a declaration of war.
The lives that we led will be the same no more.
And our world is forever changed.

(c) September 12, 2001 Jonathan Butts

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