Fresh Flowers

I received fresh flowers today,
it was such a surprise.
It wasn't even my birthday.
It was so he could apologize.
He's sorry that he hit me,
and he feels really bad.
I know that he loves me,
so why do I make him mad?

I received fresh flowers today,
they were beautiful to see.
It wasn't our anniversary
he was just thinking of me.
The arrangement was lovely,
and I appreciate them all.
He did it to apologize,
for throwing me against the wall.

I received fresh flowers today,
and even got a balloon. They say I'm looking better,
and can go home soon.
He came to visit me today,
and brought a Get Well card.
He wanted to apologize,
he didn't mean to hit so hard.

I received fresh flowers today,
more than ever before.
I wish I could enjoy them,
but I am here no more.
Today they held my funeral,
my friends and family cried.
It seems it finally happened,
he beat me till I died.

(c) October 22, 1999 Jonathan Butts

If you are a victim of abuse I urge you to get in touch with an organization in your area to get help and to learn what your rights are. There is no excuse for abuse, don't tolerate it another day.

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