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Highest Bidder

I sold my life to the highest bidder,
can you imagine such a thought?
It's really rather common place;
and even something that we're taught.
I'm not the only one you know,
it happens every day.
People trade their time for dollars,
and perhaps a few perks along the way.
When I was much younger,
I didn't really mind.
Things were different then,
my time was strictly mine.
Now I share my time,
with my spouse, and with my kids.
It scares me now to think of it,
I've been selling their time to the highest bids.
I hope they know I love them,
and how much I really care.
Even though most family time,
is spent without me there.
Something has to got to change now,
something has got to give.
Afterall this is MY life!
It's the only one I get to live!

(c) Jonathan Butts 2003

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