I Am Love

I am found throughout the universe,
I'm both a gift, and I'm a treasure,
I bring comfort where there's pain,
and joy when there is pleasure.
I am found in an infant's giggle,
I am heard in a child's laugh.
I have led some to enlightenment,
I have helped others find their path.
I am the muse of artists and authors,
and of poets, I say the same.
I am known by many faces,
I am called by many names.
I am mother, father, and brother.
I am sister, lover, and friend.
I was here before your beginning,
I'll be here well after your end.
I am found in the world around you,
and in the heavens up above.
I am that which binds the universe.
My name is simply Love.

(c) Jonathan Butts
September 9, 2003

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