Marching On

Time keeps marching on
ever diligent in it's quest,
searching for eternity,
so that finally it can rest.

Time controls our destiny,
I hate to say it's so,
but we all have a place to be,
and a time to go.

Since time is our master
and we all conform to it's way,
enjoy each passing moment
and cherish every day.

For as each moment passes,
a new memory is formed,
some will make us smile,
still others bring on scorn.

Make the most of every minute
for the moment will not last
once you start to enjoy the present
it has already become the past.

This is the way of nature
and it'll still be after we're gone
so live life to the fullest
as time keeps marching on.

(c) 1999 Jonathan Butts

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