September 11, 2001

September eleventh, two-thousand and one,
America is stunned by what terrorist have done.
Attacking our nation, upon our own shore.
Over two thousand people will see their families no more.
Mothers and Fathers, husbands and wives,
over two thousand deaths affecting billions of lives.
Over two thousand people, just like you and I.
They were a threat to no one, so why did they die?
We mourn for those lost, most we know not by name.
We grieve as a nation, for we are all the same.
Whether black or white, red, yellow, or brown,
we were all Americans, when the towers came done.
And as Americans, united we stand.
Embracing our Freedom, and defending our land.
For those who might hate us, I have just one thing to say,
Our flag is still flying, and we grow stronger each day.
Sure we have our problems, but when all's said and done,
We are proud to be Americans,
because America is still number one!
So take a look at our people, and what we can do,
and to those who attacked us, we're coming for you!

(c) September 27, 2001
Jonathan Butts

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