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The Seduction

I enter into the florist shop determined in my quest
The florist asks to help me as I offer this request
"I seek a perfect rose kind sir, one like no other thats been seen
its blossom deepest red, the petals emerald green.
Sweet must be the fragrance, and yet it's musky in a way
and once I find this flower, only then will I be on my way."
He thought about it for awhile, and thought and thought some more,
then he said ,"Follow me", as he ventured thru the door.
There I saw this rose garden with each one a special rose
there was something unique to each, and the most beautiful one I chose.

The early evening sun, is slowly going down,
as I arrive at your front door, awaiting our night on the town.
Now upon your front doorstep is where I anxiously stand
with that single red rose, clasped gently in my hand.
A firm yet subtle knocking, calls you to the door.
and I offer up the flower, a rose, like you adore.
the stem and leaves, (filled with envy), turn a darker green
falling in the shadows of the beauty they've just seen.
A gentle kiss upon your cheek as we prepare to go,
to our cozy dinner, then off to nature's show.

Out upon the terrace, our table overlooks the sea
my heart swells with joy, knowing that you are here with me.
The food is exquisite, the conversation is as well
as our dreams and aspirations, to each other we do tell.
We watch the setting sun, together as we dine,
softly holding hands, slowly sippping wine.

We exit from the restaurant, and walk upon the shore
holding hands and walking, and talking even more.
Hearing music in the distance, as we continue on our stroll
"M'lady will you dance with me, beneath the full moons glow?"
Slowly moving together, as we're dancing to the song
Looking into each others eyes, knowing it's here that we belong.
Wrapped in each others arms, as our lips begin to meet,
and from the passion within us, we begin to feel the heat.
Our mouths are moist and open, as our tongues begin to kiss
we're wrapped up in the moment, as together we share the bliss.
As we slowly start to pull away, your sweet lips I still taste.
With arms around each other, we share a warm embrace.

The tide is rolling in, the moon is full and bright,
as we continue on our journey, walking and talking thru the night.
hand in hand we're strolling, until finally we do reach,
our reserved summer cottage, complete with private beach.
We step on to the veranda, and I pour us both some wine,
as I toast such pleasant company, your so beautiful and so kind.
A toast to all that we have shared, and to what still lies ahead.
A toast to all the thoughts we've spoke, and to all that's still unsaid.
A toast to what the future holds, to all that it can be,
as we share this night together, two lovers by the sea.

The half empty glasses, I place upon the stand,
as I sit alongside you, reaching for your hand
squeezing it with my mine, not to little, but not to much,
raising it slowly, being gentle with my touch.
A kiss upon an open palm, while into your eyes I peer,
both of us confident, knowing, where we go from here.

My hand upon your cheek as I draw you nearer to me,
looking deep into your eyes, there's a sparkle there I see.
Our eyes begin to close as our lips are about to meet,
our desire turns to passion, our bodies fill with heat.
My lips pressed to yours, your mouth is pressed to mine.
our tongues begin a lovers dance, as lust is mixed with wine.

Our hands are roaming freely, caught in a passionate carress.
as we each help the other, seductively undress.
My hands remove your blouse, and drops it the floor
followed by your lacy bra, as my mouth starts to explore.
a soft and subtle kiss, upon your silky cheek
kissing my way down your neck, to please you is what I seek
your soft and yearning moans, are music to my ears.
washing away your inhibitions, washing away your fears.

I kiss a trail still lower, until I reach your breasts
around your swollen nipple, my mouth has come to rest
gently sucking it in, as my tongue begins to play
my hand continues fondling in it's own seductive way.
Tracing circles with my fingers, I carress your inner thigh,
arriving at your now moist panties, I hear you moan a sigh
reaching for your waistband, I remove skirt and panties as one
moving in between your legs, I carress your ankles with my tongue
Moving ever higher, kissing, licking, and softly biting to,
watching your reactions, and I see it pleases you.

Resting now between your legs, there's excitement in the air
inches from your womanhood, I'm thinking, "Should I dare?",
My fingers part your velvet lips, as I move in for a kiss
you're moaning with excitement, completely wrapped in sensual bliss.
My tongue softly dances, across your swollen clit,
my lips then wrap around it, as I gently suck on it
My tongue glides betwen your lips, and savors the silky dew
you're moaning with such excitement, as I am down on you.

I sit up to remove my shirt, and you push me on my side
you start kissing my neck and chest, while your hand begins to slide
You seductively remove my jeans, and drop them to the floor
your eyes are filled with passion, your heart with so much more.

You straddle over top of me, and slowly guide me in
keeping rhythm with the ocean, a sensual rocking you begin.
Wrapped in heavenly sensations, as you take me deep inside,
you're rocking even faster, as my hands begin to glide.

My hands cup both your breasts and give a gentle squeeze
your hair is blown backwards by the gentle ocean breeze.
You run your fingers thru your hair as you ride me with delight,
an ever increasing rythm as our moaning fills the night.
Rocking back and forth in a smooth continous motion,
keeping steady rythm like the crashing waves upon the ocean.

The excitement is building higher, as your climax is growing near,
leaning in to kiss me, you whisper in my ear.....
I kiss you deep and fully, as we slowly start to roll,
two lovers joined as one, together we are whole.

With me now on top, we continue with our stride
our bodies grind together as you feel me deep inside
driving ever deeper with each passing thrust
our passion is immense, so much more than just lust

A cool summer breeze blows across our naked skin
as the first warning raindrops of a summer shower does begin
the evening summer shower starts cooling down the night
as making love in the rain with you, just feels, oh so right

Droplets rolling off of us, our desire it seems to feed,
as our climax is approaching, to fill this aching need
our muscles are contracting as we both begin to cum
moaning in excitement as our orgasms are as one

Lying here together, cuddling, as the sun begins to rise
the raw majestic beauty, I see reflected in your eyes
Once again we share a kiss, loving, full, and deep
as we lie here together, and slowly drift to sleep.

Copyright 1999 Jonathan Butts

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